Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve Camping - NO CAMPING

Moulting Lagoon is located app. halfway along Tasmania’s east coast. There are no facilities at these sites. Some basic bush camping is available at Buckley’s Rocks, off River& Rocks Road. There are no formal walking tracks in the reserve.

Moulting Lagoon is an internationally recognised wetland at the northern end of Great Oyster Bay on Tasmania's East Coast. It is an important breeding ground for many waterfowl and wetland birds. It is also a destination for migratory birds. Bird watchers frequent this area, however be aware that due to the sheer size of the Moulting Bay Game Reserve many species may be not be seen. CAMPING NOT PERMITTED. In addition to the natural significance of Moulting Lagoon, it is also very important for cultural values, such as its importance to the Aboriginal community and its continuing use by the local community for recreational and commercial activities, including duck hunting.

Moulting Lagoon is located midway along Tasmania’s east coast and can be accessed from the following points on Coles Bay Road (C302): Top Bank - 17 kilometres north of Coles Bay, 9.78 km south of A3
Kitty’s Mistake - Middle Bank 15.3km north of Coles Bay, 11.7 km south of A3 – 4WD access only
Flacks Road - 10.8km north of Coles Bay, 16.2 km south of A3, then 3.9 km to car park – 2WD access with care
Point Meredith - via River & Rocks Road, 8.5 km north of Coles Bay, 18.5 km south of A3, then 3 km to car park

  •  From
  • NO
  • NO
  • maximum stay
  • NO
  • Powered sites
  • NO
  • Patrolled
  • Contact No.
  • (03) 6256 7000
  • Fresh Water
  • NO
  • Dogs Allowed
  • NO
  • National Park
  • NO

Camping not permi

There are no facilities at this site. Some bush camping is available at Buckley’s Rocks, off River & Rocks Road. No formal walking tracks exist in the Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve.

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